Old Colored Bookshelves Wallpaper

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Old Colored Bookshelves Wallpaper


Genuine old books with their gold lettering removed, creating a sober but quirky atmosphere. Contrasting areas of darkness and light give depth and create a 3D effect, and the colours appear slightly polarised, adding a touch of poetry and elegance.

Each roll covers up to 4m2, and depicts more than 570 books that are artfully arranged to minimize the impression of repetition. Be bold and mix up the shelves, arrange and recompose them to suit your tastes. "BYBLIO" can be cut and folded to suit all tastes, whether classic or baroque. A decoration idea that will embellish your walls...

Please note: 15 days plus for delivery in USA.

Color: Pink
Dimensions: 10 x 0,53 m / 5,3 m2 (1 roll)
Pattern Repeat: 64 cm
Vinyl (washable)
Non Woven (easy installation)

Easy and quick installation
Paste only the wall
Miscellaneous HTML