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  1. Coral Afife Tunic/Kaftan - Haremlique

    Coral Afife Tunic/Kaftan - Haremlique


    Coral Afife Tunic/Kaftan

    The Coral Afife Tunic is a must for any one looking for laid-back luxury. The piece is effortless, exotic and elegant. The bold coral print to the knitted velvet fabric, you’ll want to wear this pretty piece throughout the summer.Think about it as a perfect addition to wardrobe for any warm, sunny day. It could also be a great gift item for family & friends. Haremlique is the essence of craftsmanship, quality, and storytelling. Specializing in high-quality linen products, Haremlique’s concept is based upon the modern city of Istanbul and the ancient city Constantinople of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and Ottoman empires. Inspired by the elegance of Ottoman design. Haremlique bring us closer, as if to touch history. Contact us for Haremlique custom service that offers the option of personalized and made-to-measure linens for private yachts and homes.

    Tunic/ Kaftan Coral Knitted velvet

    Fit information S fits like US Women's Size 2-4: 36"L M fits like US Women's Size 4-6: 37"L L fits like US Women's Size 6-8: 37"L

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